DECK is an electronic system that allows to measure the amplitude of the displacement, the temperature variation and the vibration frequency of any structure on which it is applied with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimeter.



The system is the result of two elements, a hardware component and a software.

The hardware is structured in different parts: the various Deck sensors in the points to be monitored and a LoRa reception Gateway with Cellular access. All information is sent to the server system that allows you to constantly monitor the health of the structure using the Cloud software service.


Accuracy and reliability equal to that of the interferometric radar, in a dynamic regime, but with a cost about 100 times lower.

Deck is an electronic device that can measure the amplitude of the displacement (accuracy 0.01 mm), the temperature variation and the vibration frequency of any structure on which it is applied with high reliability.

On each sensor can be remotely set a threshold of attention span, using our deck cloud service. Each sensor continuously measures the displacement of oscillation and, if the threshold amplitude is exceeded, then the sensor records the 20 seconds preceding and following the crossing of the threshold.

Devices with an estimated energy autonomy of 1.5 years.

Displacement measurement, temperature and vibration frequency with one hundredth of a millimeter precision.

Long-term analysis on the health of the structure with predictive algorithms.

Sampling rate data up to 100 hz.

Real-time analysis and in a short time of huge amounts of data.

Cloud connection via LoRaWAN transmission technology.

Display and data management thanks to the Cloud platform on any device.

Data authentication via the Blockchain system.


We can monitor any structure subject to stress, pressure and vibration over the years (SHM – Structure Health Monitoring). We can meet many different needs, creating customized deck solutions with different types of sensors.






Thanks to a single unit device called Gateway, and to the Lora Technology, it is possible to send and collect data emitted by multiple deck sensors that are scattered in very large areas, installed on one or more structures, optimizing energy consumption in the best way.

The Gateway is an outdoor device (IP67), with Ethernet connectivity and the possibility of inserting a SIM and accessing the cellular network. The system is equipped with an embedded linux.


The Cloud platform system shows all data anywhere and on any device to constantly monitor the status of the structure. It displays thanks various graphs the oscillation trends, the tendency of oscillation and compares them mathematically to each other. Furthermore, the software verifies every change of the structure over time, monitoring its degradation over months and years.

Through this solution it is possible to display for each anomalous event recorded the amplitudes, temperatures and frequencies through the FFT algorithms. A continuous and in-depth analysis allows us to estimate the type and intensity of stress.