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We are a team of dynamic young people an d we create technological and innovative products in the field of electronics for telecommunications. We monitor the health of structures and apply enabling technologies for the IoT.

We are specialized in the use of the so-called LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks) which enable electronic devices to transmit information over long distances with low energy consumption. One of our most used protocols is LoRaWAN.


Our company is more than what you think.

Our value system goes beyond the product and involves an entire design philosophy. Ambitious and innovative ideas born from the mission of cooperating with man, simplifying his work. Thanks to continuous research, development and consultancy in the electronic field for companies, Move has developed vast internal transversal know-how which allowed her to design innovative devices with high performance reliability.


Our main product is called deck and it incorporates a patented technology: an electronically compensated velocimeter sensor that allows to measure the displacement of any point on the structure, using the LoRaWAN transmission technology for the communication.

This product is completely wireless, measuring with an accuracy of a hundredth of a millimeter. It has an energy autonomy of about two years, and the recorded data end up on a cloud platform that is able to show them in various configurations and make advanced statistics.