New features on MyMove IoT Platform

New features on MyMove IoT Platform

At Move Solutions, our mission is to provide cutting-edge tools for efficient and reliable infrastructure monitoring. Our latest updates to the MyMove IoT Platform reflect our commitment to innovation, offering enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities that empower engineers and infrastructure owners with real-time data, advanced customization, and seamless user experience.  

Let’s dive into these exciting new features! 

Enhanced analytics: a new level of organization and flexibility 

Our new analytics update introduces a folder-based structure, bringing a new level of organization and flexibility to data management.  

  • Folder management: users can now create, edit, and delete folders, providing a streamlined way to organize graph profiles and trends. 
  • Graph profiles: You can create graph profiles from scratch or import them from existing folders. These profiles can be duplicated within a folder for easy customization and reuse. 
  • Limits: each user can create up to 20 folders, with a maximum of 20 profiles per folder and 20 trend lines per profile. 

This enhanced structure ensures that all your data is organized, easily accessible, and ready for detailed analysis, helping you make informed decisions faster. 

Comprehensive reporting: tailored to your needs 

The updated reporting capabilities offer unprecedented customization, allowing you to create detailed and professional reports effortlessly: 

  • Customizable templates: create and save report templates, configure a cover page with general project information, and customize the styling of headers and footers. 
  • Diverse content integration: add graphs, images, and text with titles and descriptions to your reports. You can access the analytics graph configurator to create new graphs, enhancing the visual representation of your data. 
  • Global and locked time ranges: set a global time range for the data in your report or lock the time range for specific graph contents to ensure consistent data presentation. 
  • Real-time preview: while editing the template, you can preview the report in real-time, adjusting as needed to ensure accuracy and completeness. 
  • Limits: each user can create up to 20 report templates, with a maximum of 20 graph contents, 20 image contents, and 100 text contents per template. 

These features make it easier than ever to compile comprehensive reports that meet your specific requirements, enhancing communication with stakeholders and supporting effective decision-making. 

Improved performance and user Experience 

In addition to these major updates, we have made several enhancements to improve the overall performance and user experience of the MyMove IoT Platform: 

  • Data caching: implementing caches throughout the platform reduces page loading times by temporarily storing sensor data locally on your PC. 
  • Data aggregation: new aggregation criteria ensure efficient data handling, with different aggregation windows based on the date range. 
  • Filtering options: the data explorer now includes a filter to select different sensor types simultaneously, displaying only the corresponding sensors. 
  • UI improvements: a new header with logout, language change, and search options has been added to the “My Projects” page. The number of sensors per page in settings has increased from 5 to 10, and a new calendar for date range selection has been implemented across the platform. 

These updates significantly enhance the functionality and user experience, making the MyMove IoT Platform more powerful and user-friendly. 

Why these updates matter 

Our commitment to innovation and user-centric design drives us to continuously improve the MyMove IoT Platform. These new features provide engineers and infrastructure owners with the tools they need for precise, real-time monitoring and data analysis. By offering advanced customization, improved performance, and a seamless user experience, we help you ensure the safety and longevity of your infrastructure. 

Explore these new features today and experience the enhanced capabilities of the MyMove IoT Platform.