Wireless Sensor System

Analog Node

Wireless Analog Node

The analog communication node is compatible with most of the analog interfaces used for geotechnical sensors. Once the sensors are connected to this wireless device and the system gateways are properly installed on site, they are ready to receive, store and send data. You can set all the parameters of the analog node remotely using the Move Cloud Platform

4 Programmable Indipendent Channel

Potentiometer Reading

Voltage reading

Full Bridge Reading (mV / V)

NTC and PTC reading


Third Party Geotechnical Sensor

Connect any geotechnical sensor to the Wireless Move Analog Node with 4-20mA, mV/V, NTC/PTC or Pot interface at any of the 4 channels


Monitor joint or cracks using LVDT, crackmeter or extensometers connected to the Wireless Analog Node


Use the 4 channel Analog Node to connect all the sensors as strain sensors, extensometer or force cells in a section of a tunnel

Environmental Monitoring

Connect any environmental probes to the 4 channel analog node to perform i.e. water level monitoring or flood monitoring


Channel Interfaces

4 programmable independent channels for: Voltage reading (2 wires) Potentiometer reading Current Loop Reading (4-20mA) (2,3 wires, 4 wires -requires external power supply-) Full Bridge Reading (mV / V) (3,4 wires) NTC and PTC reading (PT-100, PT-1000) (2.3 wires)

Sample Rate

from 1 min to 12 hours (it can be set remotely via the Move platform)

Power Supply For External Instruments

5Vdc, 12vdc, 24Vdc (250mA max) remotely selectable for each channel

Radio Channel

LoRaWAN 868, 915 Mhz

Power Supply

2 Lithium battery 3.6V (19Ah)


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