Monitor 24/24h displaying, comparing and downloading all the data and trends you want.



Set the alarm threshold, the sampling frequency and many other parameters for any device.



By viewing the trends and statistics you get a complete sensitivity on the health and behavior of the structure.

Easy to use. Reliable and safe.

Move Data Platform

To monitor and check safely, remotely and constantly any structure, receiving information in real time.

Understand the aging of the structure and know the intensity of stress, optimize preventive and predictive maintenance interventions through multiple tools and graphs.

Optimized web interface

Manage your data easily and efficiently. The simple visualization and configuration help you do more in less time.

Data cleaning

Receive only clean and validated data. Unwanted noise and interference are automatically blocked and removed.

Access to all historical data

You can quickly access and recover all your data by selecting any time interval to view whenever you want.

Customize all sensors

Simply manage each sensor by setting the alarm and activation thresholds, the sampling frequency and the resolution.

Constant improvements

We continue to improve our monitoring platform to meet and exceed your needs.

Technical support

We guarantee reliable and constant end-to-end support. Custom development available.

View, understand, and monitor the status of the monitored object.

Filter and select the specific device directly from the structure on the web platform and view all daily and historical reports with a click of your mouse.

Acquire and analyze data in real time.

Make decisions with confidence. Multiple visualization and analysis tools help you understand complex data.

Get complete sensitivity on structure health and structural behavior through our advanced algorithms.

  • FFT - Frequency Response

    Algorithm for the fast and optimized calculation of the DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform) which allows to highlight the spectral contents of the signals coming from the sensors. It provides the frequency response of the oscillations thanks to which it is possible to obtain characteristics and information of the signal, not perceptible in the time domain.

  • FDD - Frequency Domain Decomposition

  • Maximum excursion probabilities

  • Anomaly Amplitude Detector

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Event List Event Summary

Develop a database with all detected events, for ever.

Get free access to data and convert it into usable results. View and download all data packages in .csv, .pdf or .txt format, or all the graphics in .png.

Customize and manage your devices.

Modify the operating and display parameters of any sensor. Set the alarm and activation thresholds, the resolution, the sampling frequency and much more.

Receive an alarm in case of structural stress increase.

With Move you can be sure that you never miss important information. The alarm functions ensure that all your data is carefully checked and that you will be notified if the values ​​are outside the set limits.

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