Move Solutions designs and manufactures innovative structure health monitoring systems for static and dynamic control of bridges, buildings, dams and many other types of structures. The monitoring is performed through a network of always on devices capable of understanding the evolution and aging structures from all points of view. Move has multiple product lines based on the type of sensor that the device has on board, and consequently on the type of data acquired. There are sensors capable of reading the amplitude of dynamic oscillation (deck devices), as well as accelerometers for modal study, inclinometers for static monitoring and crackmeters for monitoring cracks and openings. All sensors communicate via LoRaWAN to the Gateway, the control unit that receives and forwards data to the cloud. The gateway is internally designed too. Being able to constantly supervise the structure remotely, it is possible to perceive its aging and degradation over time, and it is therefore possible to optimize maintenance interventions, planning them when necessary and in advance, reducing resources needed and consequently costs.

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Quality assurance

Every single sensor undergoes rigorous functional and waterproof tests.

Easy to use

Move devices are designed to be installed and used just outside the box, without any wiring.

Autonomy and reliability

We guarantee high reliability and autonomy of use even in difficult conditions.

Modular system

Easily add sensors to extend the monitoring area and save resources thanks to rapid implementation.

Complete management

Easily configure and change the settings of all the devices installed via the Cloud management platform, remotely.

High precision

All our products are designed to have high accuracy, allowing a complete sensitivity on the structural state.


Structural Health Monitoring

Deck device

Measurement of the amplitude of oscillation and temperature, suitable for dynamic monitoring of bridges, overpasses and buildings, like any structure subject to dynamic stress. It can also be applied on dams to control anomalous oscillations.

Structural Health Monitoring

Tiltmeters (as known as Inclinometers)

Measurement of the tilt of a point on the structure, detection of the temperature. Perfect for static monitoring of bridges and overpasses, dams, underground works and landslides. Reconstruction of the structure deflection.

Structural Health Monitoring


Measurement of the acceleration components of the structure, temperature detection. Excellent for dynamic monitoring and modal study of structures.

Structural Health Monitoring


Control unit for collect data sent via LoRa from the sensors and forwarding it to the Cloud Platform via Cellular connection.


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