Deck allows to measure the dynamic amplitude of the displacement with an accuracy of 0.01 mm, the temperature variation and the vibration frequency (through an FFT algorithm) of any structure on which it is applied.

On each sensor, an attention span threshold can be set remotely via the cloud service. Each sensor continuously samples the oscillation amplitude and, if this threshold is exceeded, then the sensor records and transmits the 20 seconds before and after the event.


Quick and easy installation with wall, floor or ceiling: 4 screws with plug provided by Move. The device is ready to use.

Structural Health Monitoring

Deck device

Data acquired:
  • Dynamic displacement

  • Temperature

  • Vibration frequency

  • Feat button

    High precision

  • Feat button

    High frequency

  • Feat button

    Advanced statistical analysis

  • Feat button


Technical specifications

  • Data acquired

    - Dynamic displacement - Temperature - Vibration frequency

  • Displacement resolution

    0.012mm, 0.024mm

  • Shift accuracy

    ±0,01 mm

  • Range

    ± 1.5 mm, ± 3mm

  • Autonomy

    2 years

  • Technology Radio Channel

    LoRa® Technology (Class A, Class C): - Adaptive Data Rates (ADR) - Spreading Factors - Channel diversity - Compatibility with LoRaWAN Gateway


Download our Instruction Manual

The complete guide to the quick installation and product safety of Move Solutions. Provided with all the technical data and more, essential for a total understanding of the configuration and installation of all Move sensor devices.

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