The Move tiltmeter measures the angle of inclination of the point where it is installed with a resolution of 0.000015 °. The device transmits the measured angle at regular time intervals. It is full wireless, and battery lasts for eight years.

The correction algorithm devised by Move makes it extremely independent of assembly errors. By processing the collected data it is possible to calculate the deflection of the structure with respect to the initial situation. It also mounts a temperature sensor in order to relate thermal excursion and static deformation. Ideal for static monitoring of large structures and static load tests.


Quick and easy installation with wall, floor or ceiling: 2 screws with plug provided by Move. The device is ready to use.

Structural Health Monitoring


Data acquired:
  • Tilt angle

  • Temperature

  • Feat button

    Alarm functionality

  • Feat button

    Synchronization with the network

  • Feat button


  • Feat button

    High autonomy

Technical specifications

  • Data acquired

    - Tilt angle - Temperature

  • Resolution


  • Range


  • Autonomy

    8 years

  • Radio channel

    LoRaWAN communication protocol


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The complete guide to the quick installation and product safety of Move Solutions. Provided with all the technical data and more, essential for a total understanding of the configuration and installation of all Move sensor devices.

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