Structural monitoring

With Structural Health Monitoring, through analysis of vibrations, tilts and other parameters detected by sensors, our solutions connect structures such as bridges, buildings, tunnels or dams to the Internet of Things (IoT). This system allows operators and managers to collect updates on the state of the structure under analysis, remotely and in real time, tracking events, studying the change and aging of the structure itself and, in case of necessity, preparing intervention plans. Our analysis software (web based platform) facilitates the operator evaluation, reworking the raw data read by the sensors into more usable and complete information.

With the connection of sensors, systems and people, civil infrastructure operators are able to have effective continuous control over their structures and are therefore a step forward in the field of safety and efficiency of activities and costs.

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SHM solutions


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Underground works


Construction sites


Custom solutions

Logistic-Economic Advantages

  • Remote monitoring of difficult-to-reach points
  • Easy installation, connection and use
  • Data processing to optimize operations
  • Easy addition of sensors to extend the monitored area
  • Saving resources thanks to rapid implementation
  • Cost reduction through easy maintenance
  • No cable; great savings on installation materials
  • Consequent labor savings
  • Risk reduction and high reliability

Tecnological Advantages

  • Intuitive web platform
  • Intuitive configuration and data visualization
  • Alarm functionality in case of over-threshold structural stress
  • Detection of a wide range of different measurements
  • Complete sensitivity on the structural state
  • Modeling the behavior of the structure
  • Stress intensity mapping
  • Real-time data and therefore prevention of accidents in advance thanks to correctly
  • Optimization of maintenance cycles by acting when and where really necessary

A new monitoring experience

Turn real-time data into processed results. Constantly and remotely supervise any structure, check aging in real time and optimizing preventive and predictive maintenance.

  • View data with an optimized UI - UX interface
  • Get complete visibility on all operations
  • Manage all infrastructure and resources remotely
  • Receive an alarm if structural stress increases
  • Make quick decisions to solve critical situations
  • Improve long-term planning processes
Platform Desktop

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