Wireless Sensor System

Gateway LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN Gateway

The Gateway device is a data reception and transmission unit with which, thanks to the LoRaWAN wide-range communication protocol, it is possible to manage and communicate with dozens of devices and sensors at the same time. This device first of all receives the information transmitted by the multiple sensors installed, thanks to the LoRaWAN communication protocol, then, using Cellular connectivity, sends this data to the Move SolutionsTM online servers. The device is Out- door IP67.

LoRaWAN, Cellular and Ethernet (on request) connectivity

Coverage up to 1 km (line of sight with devices)

IP67 case resistant to water and dust

LTE, fallback 3G and 2G Cellular Channel

How it works


Classic Operation

Reception via LoRaWAN protocol of data received and transmitted by sensors; sending data to online servers via a mobile cellular connection.


Cellular, LoRaWAN. Ethernet (on request)  Other connectivity on request.

Cellular Channel

LTE, fallback 3G and 2G

Devices Protocol

LoRaWAN communication protocol

LoRa Link Coverage

1 km urban (line of sight with devices)


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