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About Move-X Electronics

Move-X is the newest Move's business unit focused on electronics for telecommunications. With a patent and several paper publications behind it, we design electronic solutions to the Internet of Things applications, LoRa radio modulation based, with the integration of various technologies, sensors, and other protocols (BLE, Wi-Fi, others) that meets different needs for monitoring and wireless communication.

The future of IoT World.

We design low-power wireless electronic devices like you've never seen before.

High computational power modules

Micro Low Power Modules

LoRaWAN Wireless Modules


Low Power Module

MAMWLExx is a very tiny low power radio module designed by Move-X, which can be easily integrated into any PCB to enable it for wireless communication.




The first accelerometer with LoRaWAN wireless synchronization for Modal Structure Analysis with the powerfull MAMWLExx radio module designed by Move-X.

Discover some devices with MAMWLE.

Analog node ridotto

Digital Node

DECK vista superiore.1064

Deck Dynamic Sensor

Move Solutions Digital Node

Analog Node

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