Webinar – Innovative approaches in rail embankment monitoring


Gilberto Braglia IT Sales Director


Head of Sales at Move Solutions

andy foto 2@2x


Managing Director at Terra Measurment

Innovative approaches in rail embankment monitoring

The webinar aims to discuss challenges and solutions for rail embankment monitoring.  

We will shed light on the significant advancements in wireless sensor technology and data analysis platforms that help implementing a preventive and continuous monitoring approach for rail embankments, ensuring safety and efficiency. 

With the support of a special guest, Andy Beardsley from Terra Measurement, we will delve into: 

  • the specific challenges faced in the slope stability monitoring of rail embankments; 
  • the limitations of conventional survey methods; 
  • how Move Solutions system addresses these challenges, offering a more efficient, safe, and data-rich alternative; 
  • an in-depth explanation of how the system works, including sensor placement, data transmission, and the use of real-time analytics for immediate response to potential safety threats.  

 The event will conclude with compelling case studies, demonstrating the practical benefits and effectiveness of this modern approach in real-world scenarios. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a live Q&A session, gaining deeper insights into the technology and its applications. 

Gilberto Braglia, Head of Sales at Move Solutions

Andy Beardsley, Managing Director at Terra Measurement

Wednsesday, November 29th, 20232PM (UK) – 3PM (CET) 

30 minutes


Watch the webinar recording!