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Understand the ageing of the structure and estimate the intensity of stress through the Advanced Data Processing Algorithms developed by Move Solutions.

These tools and algorithms will help you understand the detected data more efficiently and faster, so as to simplify your remote monitoring.

Slide Transform the numerous and complex data collected into usable results. Constantly monitor any facility remotely and in real time. Understand structural aging and optimize preventive and predictive maintenance interventions. Move Data
Processing Algorithms
Slide This algorithm estimate the frequency response of the system, through which it is possible to extrapolate useful modal information. The FDD allows you to perform effective, active and prolonged monitoring over time of even a very complex structure. Frequency Domain Decomposition FDD Slide This algorithm is able to estimate the probability density of the peaks of the oscillations (maximum excursions) starting from the probability histograms. The statistical behavior of the peaks is then analyzed in order to characterize their trend over time. Displacement Density
Probability function
Slide This algorithm performs a fast and optimized calculation of the DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform) which allows to highlight the spectral contents of the signals detected by the sensors. It is possible to obtain characteristics and information of the signal, which are not perceptible in the time domain. Fast Fourier Transform FFT

Acquire and analyze data

in real time

Make decisions with confidence. Multiple visualization and analysis tools help you make sense of complex data. Get complete sensitivity on state and structural behavior through our data processing and statistics algorithms.

Trends data and monitoring algorithms
Displacement Trend – data monitoring Move Solutions
Move Cloud Platform monitoring
database event monitoring

Access the database of

all the events ever detected.

View, compare and fully understand all raw data. Convert them into actionable results. Download all events, even individually, in .csv format, or all graphs in .png.

Manage and configure your

devices remotely.

Modify the operating and display parameters of each specific sensor. Set the alarm and activation threshold, resolution, sampling frequency and much more.



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