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Application Programming Interface (API) is a technology that enables and facilitates communication between different applications. It is an essential part of the current technological revolution—enabling a quick and seamless transfer of information and application functionality.

If you already have your own online platform, but you are interested in Move Solutions sensors, we offer you our APIs to make the most of our structural health monitoring system.

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The Fast Fourier Transform algorithm offers a fast and optimized calculation of the DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform) which allows to highlight the spectral contents of the signals coming from the sensors, providing the frequency response of the oscillations.

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The Frequency Domain Decomposition is an algorithm that performs a statistical processing starting from all the oscillations. It is used to estimate the frequency response of the structure, through which it is possible to extrapolate useful modal information.

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The Displacement Probability Density Function highlights the intensity of the frequency of appearance of each peak-to-peak displacement value recorded, in order to understand which is the average displacement of the structure and which is the anomalous one.

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Static Deflection

This algorithm allows to visualize the deformation of the structure. In the case of bridge monitoring, it’s perfect for the deformation of a span during a load test in a static regime. By providing multiple angular values, it is possible to reconstruct the sag using a least-squares estimation algorithm.

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Modal Frequency Clustering

This algorithm allows the identification of modal frequencies in a given time period.

Our APIs provide a bridge between our monitoring system and your online platform, leveraging the expertise of our companies to offer the smartest Structural Health Monitoring Solutions.


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