Slide Case Studies in the world Structural Health Monitoring

Structural monitoring of Beirut silos

Wireless tilt monitoring of Beirut silos

The Beirut Grain Silos, 42 cylindrical reinforced concrete structures 48 meters high containing 85% of Lebanon’s grain reserves, was built in the port of the capital in the late 1960s. On August 4, 2020, the tremendous explosion that occurred in the warehouse of storage just 85m away from the Silos caused enormous damage, impacting the city along a 600m radius. The part of the structure facing east collapsed completely, while the one facing west resisted without collapsing, preventing the shock wave of the explosion from reaching the western part of the city with all its original strength.

Historic building monitoring

Wireless structural health monitoring of the Colosseum

Line C of the Rome metro, currently under construction, will connect the eastern part of the city with the northwest one, starting from Pantano up to the Prati district.
The planned route is spread over 25.6 Km, divided between approximately 16 Km underground and 9 Km on the surface, partly using the surviving route of the previous Rome-Fiuggi railway.

Line C uses a Driverless Integral Automation system (without driver on board) which allows the metro line to be managed completely automatically, guaranteeing the running of the trains and their safety in all aspects with maximum efficiency. […]

Bridge monitoring

Tilt and vibration monitoring of a railway bridge

The bridge located on the Scrivia river, one of the arteries of the homonymous valley, is a structure all about 160 meters long and is divided into 7 spans with lowered arches, in reinforced concrete. Built in the early 1900s, it served as a road and rail bridge for years. In 1980 the extension of the bridge over the Scrivia (structure in reinforced concrete with slab and beams) was carried out and also a shift of the railway network to its own site, thus splitting the two uses.

To monitor the health of the bridge, a wireless sensor network was installed consisting of DECK to monitor displacement and Triaxial Tiltmeter to monitor the inclination of the […]

Bridge monitoring

Dynamic monitoring of a Ing. Morandi bridge in the center of Florence

The Vespucci bridge is one of the central bridges of Florence that allows you to join the San Frediano district to the rest of the city, separated by the Arno river. It is a structure in c.a.p. arch divided into 3 spans, with an overall length of 162m. Designed by Eng. Morandi and built between 1954-1957, suffers from deterioration of the concrete, like many works of the time. This deterioration has affected the two piers even more markedly, especially the one on the left (San Frediano side) due to the erosion of the riverbed by the currents of the Arno river. This structural deterioration required continuous monitoring and safety works. […]

Construction site monitoring

Dynamic and static load tests of a metal bridge on a construction site

temporary metal bridge was built to join the two banks of the river that divides the construction site of the new bridge in San Lorenzo di Sebato, in Trentino Alto Adige. The main function of this temporary structure, on a construction site, is to allow the passage of vehicles and heavy vehicles necessary during the development of the construction site.
The purpose of this construction site is to build the new bridge that will connect the Pusteria state road with the new access to Val Badia. The structure of this new bridge is 144 meters long and 1,040 tons heavy.

Bridge monitoring

Wireless monitoring of bridges in refurbishment and repair

The Zambeccari bridge in Pontremoli was built in the early 1900s on the Verde stream. It is a reinforced concrete bridge developed on two spans of the same length. In May 2020, the closure to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic is ordered for structural checks. The objective of the temporary closure of the structure is to clarify the state of health of the bridge and its structural degradation. After verifying the state of the Zambeccari bridge by the Vega Engineering Company, the structure was reopened with a reduced carriageway. Vega has prepared, with the approval of the municipality, the insertion of a continuous and remote structural monitoring system.


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