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ExCeL London, a premier exhibition and international convention center, embarked on an ambitious expansion project to add 25,000 square meters of high-end event space. The project, initiated in March 2022, demanded meticulous monitoring to safeguard the foundation stability during critical excavation and concreting phases. 

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The construction strategy, devised by Gallagher Group, required phased excavation of foundation trenches, reinforced with robust steel braces before concrete pouring. Traditional monitoring methods posed significant safety risks and inefficiencies, necessitating an innovative approach. 

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Survey Solutions, leveraging Move Solutions advanced technology, implemented a cutting-edge remote monitoring system. By outfitting the steel braces with 80 wireless tiltmeters, continuous, real-time data on any movements were captured and relayed to a central dashboard on MyMove IoT Platform, ensuring round-the-clock surveillance without endangering personnel. 

The use of strong magnets for sensor attachment streamlined the installation process, providing flexibility for rapid adjustments in response to construction demands. This approach allowed for great responsiveness, with sensors being swiftly deployed or retracted to accommodate the dynamic construction schedule. 


The remote monitoring system proved invaluable, offering constant vigilance over the foundation works. Live data feeds on MyMove IoT Platform and instant alerts for any threshold breaches enabled proactive management of potential issues, ensuring the project uninterrupted progress.  

The ExCeL London expansion structural monitoring exemplifies the synergy between technology innovation and construction expertise. Move Solutions hardware and software technology provided a foundation of confidence and security, showcasing the potential of remote monitoring in safeguarding complex construction works. 

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Webinar – Maximize your construction site safety: Excel London project

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