Wireless Sensor System

Tilt Beam

Wireless Tilt-Beam

Tilt-Beam sensors consist of aluminium metal bars of 1, 2 or 3 meters long on which is mounted a Wireless Tiltmeter. They are typically installed in a series so that the end of a bar coincides with the beginning of the next until it covers the required distance. The differential movements of the structure cause a different rotation of the bars and this shows the movements or differential settlements of the structure to be monitored. Installation is quick and easy without the use of wiring. As all Move Solutions' sensors, they are wireless devices and use the LoRaWAN communication protocol to send data to the Gateway.

1, 2 or 3m long

Triaxial Tiltmeter


Completely Wireless


Railways monitoring

Monitor the Pitch and Roll angles, the Twist and the Vertical Arrow with high accuracy. These measurements allow obtaining the fundamental parameters for the static monitoring of the tracks.

Bridge monitoring

Monitor all the static parameters of a bridge as pier rotations or span deflections.

Building Monitoring

Monitor the rotations of any structure and building with the wireless tiltmeter and tiltbeam.

Tunnel Monitoring

Monitor all the static parameters of any tunnel or subway. It is possible to install the tilt beams both horizontally and vertically.


Data Acquired

Tilt angles, Temperature (read the instructions sets for more information)

Tiltmeter Resolutions




Radio Channel

LoRaWAN 868, 915 Mhz

Battery Life Time

Up to 8 Years


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