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Wireless Vibrometer

Move Solutions Vibrometer is a wireless sensor that measures triaxial vibration parameters, providing a complete analysis of the speed, frequency and amplitude of the vibrations to comply with local regulations. The device can be set up and managed remotely via Move Solutions IoT Platform.


Vertical structures Monitoring

Performs vibrational analysis of a buildings or vertical structures under maintenance or near a construction site.

Construction sites Monitoring

Monitors the strong vibrations caused by heavy vehicles and machinery on all structures close to a construction site.

Bridge Monitoring

Performs vibrational analysis of a bridge or viaduct under maintenance or near a construction site, monitors if the stresses exceed the regulation.

Move Solutions Vibrometer measures the velocity of the point where it is installed, providing a complete analysis of the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations. It performs real-time and remote vibrational analysis, helping you understand if the vibrations and stresses caused by construction sites close to the monitored structure exceed the values ​​set by the legislation in force. All sensors also record temperature, are battery powered and use the LoRaWAN wireless communication protocol.

The Vibrometer acquires triaxial velocity data (mm/s or inch/s) through the continuous integration of the onboard accelerometer output, with a high sample rate. The sensor has two main, mutually exclusive, operating modes:

  • Programmed acquisition mode
  • Threshold acquisition mode

Wireless Vibrometers transmit accurate readings from the site via LoRaWAN. You can view and interact with your data online using Move Solutions IoT platform.

Key parameters:

  • Triaxial wireless vibrating sensor
  • Acquisition of: Velocity, Frequency, Temperature
  • Standards: DIN4150, UNI9916, BS7385, SN 640 312a, RI8507 
  • Local Storage of up to 2000 acquisitions, one acquisition is composed by 1024 Datapoint. All the acquisitions are also retrievable by USB Connection with a PC.
  • Absolute synchronization ±1 second
  • Acquisition: Programmed mode
  • Resolution 0.0015mm/s
  • Range of ± 100 mm/s
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Extremely simple installation with versatile mounting options
  • Ultra low noise performance
  • Built-in long-life battery
  • IP67 waterproof rating
Wireless Data Transmission ofMaximum detected PPV, maximum velocity amplitude and frequency detected for each axis, timestamp, temperature
Local Storage ofUp to 2000 acquisitions, one acquisition is composed of 1024 Datapoint. All the acquisitions are retrievable by USB Connection with a PC.
Sample Rate512Hz (Derived from a 4 kHz sampling rate by means of downsampling)
Absolute synchronization± 1 seconds
StandardsDIN4150, UNI9916, BS7385*, SN 640 312a*, RI8507*

TechnologyMEMS technology - Triaxial
Acquisition of- Velocity
- Frequency
- Temperature
Range± 100 mm/s
Noise Density22.5 μg/√Hz

Radio channelLoRaWAN communication protocol
Radio channel frequencyISM 868MHz / 915MHz
Link coverage1km (line of sight with the Gateway)*

Waterproof RatingIP67
Battery1 lithium battery type “D” 19Ah 3.6V
Operating temperatures1-40°C/+85°C
Dimensions75 x 80 x 57 mm
Weight1.1 Kg
Case materialAlloy GD-AlSi12
Corrosion resistance>1000 hours in salt spray

MethodTwo-point mounting using screws and plugs
(Ø6mm, L:30mm)
Site- Fixing on wall
- Fixing on ceiling
- Fixing on ground
- Fixing underground

Operating modeEstimated autonomy
Time triggered1 year*
Threshold triggered1.5 years*

* This standard will be supported soon.

* Wireless coverage of the device may vary depending on the scenario.

* Battery life may shorten when operating in extreme temperatures.

Easy installation of Move Solutions wireless monitoring system
The installation of an entire wireless sensor system on site is quick and easy: simply mount each device with at least two screws on the structure you want to monitor and power the LoRaWAN Gateway. You can configure the entire system remotely, before, during or after installation, using your laptop or tablet. After assembly and setup, the Move Solutions wireless monitoring system will start measuring and you can start monitoring remotely.

Operation of Move Solutions wireless monitoring system
The wireless sensor system automatically communicates the measurement data via LoRaWAN with the on-site Gateway which in turn sends the received data via 4G or LTE to the online servers. The Move Solutions IoT Platform is the cloud-based web tool that allows you to access, view and export your measurement data and configure the settings of the entire sensor system. You can access the Move Solutions IoT Platform 24/7 from any location or device around the world. One of the main advantages of the Move Solutions IoT Platform is that it offers remote access to measurement data and allows remote configuration of all installed sensors. This saves time and labor. In addition, you can analyze the measurement data using processing algorithms included in the service. Perform complex calculations, correlations and analyzes automatically and effortlessly. With the touch of a button, you can export measurement data in CSV format. You can also easily configure alerts to multiple recipients who will receive threshold cross notifications via email.

  • Easily install the entire system on the structure without the use of wiring.
  • Configure all wireless sensors quickly and remotely.
  • View real-time measurement data wherever you are, on any device, 24/7.
  • Process the data collected through the implemented algorithms.
  • Constantly monitors the operating status and signal quality of the system remotely.
  • Customize your alarm notifications and receive overrun notifications by email.
  • Optionally, you can integrate data on your platform using an MQTT bridge, FTP or through API calls.

Datasheet Vibrometer

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