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Pontremoli, Tuscany (Italy)

Bridge monitoring

Vega Engineering Company


Reinforced concrete bridge – 2 spans of the same length.

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Structural monitoring of a reinforced concrete bridge

The Zambeccari bridge in Pontremoli was built in the early 1900s on the Verde stream. It is a reinforced concrete bridge developed on two spans of the same length. In May 2020, the closure to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic is ordered for structural checks. The objective of the temporary closure of the structure is to clarify the state of health of the bridge and its structural degradation. After verifying the state of the Zambeccari bridge by the Vega Engineering Company, the structure was reopened with a reduced carriageway. Vega has prepared, with the approval of the municipality, the insertion of a continuous and remote structural monitoring system.

This wireless monitoring system involves the use of a package of sensors for both dynamic and static monitoring. Sensors have been installed for detecting the dynamic displacement DECK, Triaxial Accelerometers and Triaxial Tiltmeters to measure the quantities of interest such as dynamic oscillations, accelerations and static deformations.

The Move Cloud Platform is the portal for accessing the data detected by the sensors that allow them to be examined and consulted at any time. This web platform also allows data processing through specially designed Move algorithms to analyze the modal dynamic characterization of the bridge with the FFT and FDD tools.

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