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Digital Node

The content on this page relates to a product that has been discontinued. To find details on the most recent version, please CLICK HERE.

Move Solutions Digital Node
Move Solutions Digital Communication Node
Move Solutions Digital Node

Digital Node

Move Solutions Digital Node is a wireless sensor designed to make geotechnical probes suited for LoRaWAN wireless communication. Compatible with all geotechnical sensors that use the Modbus RTU communication protocol, the device can be set up and managed remotely via Move Solutions IoT Platform.


Geo-environmental Monitoring

Analyzing the displacement of the ground (settlement or lateral movement) and the stress-deformation state of the ground with inclinometer probes and vibrating ropes. You can also monitor all external atmospheric agents such as wind direction and speed, rain, humidity and temperature.

Hydrogeological Monitoring

With sensors such as piezometers, it is possible to monitor the level of groundwater and surface water and correlate it to the soil subsidence values.

Structural Monitoring

The use of crack meters allows you to keep a dangerous crack pattern under control. You can also monitor the stress-strain state of the structural elements using strain gages and correlating the data with the temperature.

Geotechnical Monitoring

By inserting load and pressure cells into the ground, it is possible to monitor both the pressures exerted by the ground and the distribution of loads on the foundations and their deformations.

Move Solutions Digital Node is a device that enables all connected sensors (originally wired) for wireless LoRaWAN communication. The Digital Node is compatible with all geotechnical sensors that use the Modbus RTU communication protocol. Once the sensors are connected to this wireless device and the Gateways are correctly installed on-site, they are ready to receive, store and send data. You can freely configure the Digital Node and all the sensors connected remotely using Move Solutions IoT Platform.


Key Parameters:

  • A wireless device with a built-in long-life battery
  • Enables to LoRaWAN wireless communication any wired sensor
  • 1 BUS supported, up to 30 sensors
  • The sample rate can be set remotely
  • Support all Modbus – RS485 sensors
  • Extremely easy installation with versatile mounting options
  • Waterproof rating IP67

Some of the geotechnical sensors and probes with Modbus interface compatible with the Digital Communication Node:

  • In-place inclinometer
  • Inclinometer chain
  • Crack meter
  • Load cell
  • Humidity sensor
  • Tiltmeter
  • Settlement gauge
  • Strain gauge
  • Piezometer
N° of sensors supported:1 BUS, up to 30 sensors
Sample rate:2 min - 10 min - 30 min - 1 hour - 6 hours - 12 hours (can be set remotely)
Power supply for external instruments:12VDC (250mA max)

Readings supportedAll Sisgeo Modbus - RS485 sensors
Supply2 Lithium battery 3.6V (19Ah)
Type of sensors• In-place Inclinometer
• Inclinometer chains
• Crackmeter
• Load cells
• Humidity sensors
• Tiltmeter
• Settlement Gauge
• Extensometer
• Piezometers

Wireless communication system:LoRaWAN
Wireless coverage:15 km (line of sight), 1 km (urban environment)

Waterproof class:IP67
Processor:ARM Cortex M4
Clock:RTC On-Board (Real Time Clock) and high precision
Absolute synchronization:±1 sec
Case size:180x119x61 mm
Operating temperature:-40°C - 85°C
Weight:0.75 Kg

Input cable section:24 - 20 AWG (Ø 0,5mm - Ø 0,8mm)
Method:Pole or wall mounting using special plates and
Configuration- Pole fixing
- Mesh fixing
- Wall fixing
- Ceiling fixing
- Floor fixing

Easy installation of Move Solutions wireless monitoring system
The installation of an entire wireless sensor system on site is quick and easy: simply mount each device with at least two screws on the structure you want to monitor and power the LoRaWAN Gateway. You can configure the entire system remotely, before, during or after installation, using your laptop or tablet. After assembly and setup, the Move Solutions wireless monitoring system will start measuring and you can start monitoring remotely.

Operation of Move Solutions wireless monitoring system
The wireless sensor system automatically communicates the measurement data via LoRaWAN with the on-site Gateway which in turn sends the received data via 4G or LTE to the online servers. The Move Solutions IoT Platform is the cloud-based web tool that allows you to access, view and export your measurement data and configure the settings of the entire sensor system. You can access the Move Solutions IoT Platform 24/7 from any location or device around the world. One of the main advantages of the Move Solutions IoT Platform is that it offers remote access to measurement data and allows remote configuration of all installed sensors. This saves time and labor. In addition, you can analyze the measurement data using processing algorithms included in the service. Perform complex calculations, correlations and analyzes automatically and effortlessly. With the touch of a button, you can export measurement data in CSV format. You can also easily configure alerts to multiple recipients who will receive threshold cross notifications via email.

  • Easily install the entire system on the structure without the use of wiring.
  • Configure all wireless sensors quickly and remotely.
  • View real-time measurement data wherever you are, on any device, 24/7.
  • Process the data collected through the implemented algorithms.
  • Constantly monitors the operating status and signal quality of the system remotely.
  • Customize your alarm notifications and receive overrun notifications by email.
  • Optionally, you can integrate data on your platform using an MQTT bridge, FTP or through API calls.

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