Biden’s Infrastructure Bill: where are we at?

Biden’s Infrastructure Bill: where are we at?

June 2022

Last November US President Joe Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal.


The project is meant to deliver $1.2 trillion of federal investments in America’s infrastructure over the next five years, including funds for bridges, roads, rail, national broadband, airports, public transit energy systems and water. The plan is aimed at ensuring safer travel, more efficient transport of goods and climate change mitigation and resilience across the country. 


Similarly to many other countries, the state of American infrastructure has been of great concern. In a recent interview, US Secretary Buttigieg has expressed his concern on the lack of infrastructure maintenance plans implemented so far, which has created  great need for repairs, especially to roads and bridges. Approximately 1 in 5 miles of major US roads and highways are in poor condition and ⅓ of bridges require replacement or major repair work: the collapse of the Pittsburgh bridge this January has only highlighted this urgency. 


States and local communities have started planning several projects to take advantage of the money provided by the Infrastructure Bill: it is, in fact, mostly up to them to decide how and when to spend it, within the guidelines defined by the law. It will take time, as delivering billions of dollars to the different states requires great coordination, but some of the first construction projects are already about to start. That was confirmed by Biden on March 14th, when he said that 4,000 projects, including 1,500 which are bridge-related, have already been approved and they are going to begin soon.


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