Structural monitoring: modal tracking with a wireless system and automatic algorithms

November 2023

Insights from Matteo Maccanti’s research 

Move Solutions is proud to introduce a groundbreaking research paper by our own Telecommunication Engineer, Matteo Maccanti, titled “Structural Monitoring: Modal Tracking with LoRaWAN Wireless Systems and Automatic Cloud Algorithms.” This paper, co-authored with Paolo De Lellis, Andrea Sala, Marco Galli, and Matteo Giorgi, represents a significant stride in the field of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). 

The research delves into the development of an advanced structural monitoring system, which integrates LoRaWAN wireless technology and an online platform with advanced algorithms. This system significantly enhances the process of monitoring structures both statically and dynamically. 

Key highlights of the research

  • System architecture: Move Solutions SHM system comprises a LoRaWAN wireless sensor network, a communication gateway, and a control platform. This architecture ensures efficient data transmission and remote accessibility. 
  • Sensor technology: the system utilizes unique wireless sensors for dynamic and static analysis, including Move Solutions patented devices for dynamic displacement measurement and accelerometers for triaxial acceleration measurement. 
  • Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) and Frequency Domain Decomposition (FDD): a critical component of the research is the application of OMA and FDD techniques to analyze data from accelerometers. These methods enable the extraction of modal frequencies and shapes, crucial for structural assessment. 
  • Automated data processing: the research introduces an automated multi-level clustering algorithm, designed to distinguish useful vibrational modes and discard spurious ones. This innovation significantly streamlines the modal analysis process. 
  • Tracking structural modes: a key focus is on tracking the identified vibrational modes over time, a process essential for recognizing structural changes and potential damage. 
  • Case study: a practical application on a road bridge, showcasing the system’s effectiveness in real-world scenarios, is a highlight of the paper. This case study demonstrates the system’s capacity to monitor and analyze structural behavior comprehensively. 

The impact of the research 

Matteo Maccanti’s research marks a substantial advancement in structural monitoring technologies. By harnessing LoRaWAN wireless systems and automated cloud algorithms, Move Solutions is setting new standards in the field of Structural Health Monitoring. This research not only enhances the efficiency of monitoring processes but also plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and longevity of critical infrastructures. 

This research paper embodies Move Solutions commitment to innovation in structural health monitoring. As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in SHM, we invite professionals and enthusiasts in the field to delve into the detailed findings and methodologies of this innovative research.  

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