Fostering resilient infrastructures in Italy

Fostering resilient infrastructures in Italy

Always working towards innovation and safety within the realm of Structural Health Monitoring, Move Solutions is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Comsigma, a distinguished name in structural diagnostics and monitoring based in Italy. 

Comsigma has been a prominent player in the field of structural diagnostics and monitoring for over two decades. Their team of highly certified professionals with levels II and III proficiency in reference methods has a distinguished record of ensuring structural safety across diverse projects. 

Move Solutions, known for innovative Structural Health Monitoring technology, seamlessly complements Comsigma in structural diagnostics and monitoring to provide a reliable end-to-end service. This collaboration marks a further step in the pursuit of improving the integrity and safety of infrastructures in Italy, underscoring our shared commitment to fostering sustainable and resilient infrastructure projects.   

Comsigma excellent professionals, combined with Move Solutions disruptive technology will provide infrastructure owners in Italy with actionable data and excellent support to ensure the safety and performance of valuable assets 



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