Webinar Railway monitoring

Webinar – Railway Monitoring

How to perform railway monitoring using IoT wireless sensors?

Our Tiltmeter, Tiltbeam and Deck can measure with extreme precision the static and dynamic parameters fundamental for the monitoring of railways.
Using a series of these sensors, mounted on the sleepers, it is possible to measure both the Cant, Twist and the Vertical Arrow of the tracks, and monitor the deterioration of the ballast and the dynamic shift over time. The dynamic part of the monitoring is carried out with Deck that allows you to monitor the dynamic displacement of the sleepers when the train passes.

Thanks to the Move sensors it is possible to monitor easily and without any wiring, the whole system is wireless!

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Ferdinando Frediani, Co-Founder & Managing Director Move Solutions.

28 May 2021 – 03:00 PM (GMT+2:00)