Webinar – How and why to monitor bridges and overpasses.

How to perform bridges monitoring with Move Solutions?

In this Webinar, Move Solutions COO Ferdinando Frediani will talk about how to carry out complete structural monitoring of a bridge and how structural improvement and adjustment interventions require in-depth knowledge of the structure, both from a static and dynamic point of view. For this reason, the Move Solutions wireless structural health monitoring system is playing an increasingly important role throughout the geotechnical and civil sector, specifically in bridges and overpasses.

With our complete package of wireless sensors, it is possible to monitor every fundamental parameter of any type of bridge or overpass. For each anomalous event recorded it is possible to view displacements, accelerations, temperatures and frequencies through the FFT algorithms. Through our Cloud Platform it is possible to relate the data of all the sensors, showing in the graphs the oscillation and vibration trends, the modal analysis and the static deformations, thus verifying the change of the structure over time.

Move Solutions sensors are used and appreciated also as diagnostic technologies that are easy to install and are not invasive. The use of wireless sensors for dynamic and static structural monitoring has in fact taken on the great interest in recent years in the field of non-destructive testing (NDT).

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Ferdinando Frediani, Co-Founder & Managing Director Move Solutions.

July 9, 2021 – 03:00 PM (GMT+2:00)