construction site monitoring

Construction site monitoring

May 2022

Construction sites can be very dangerous: since the full design of the structure is not yet realized, even one small miscalculation can cause great damage and put many lives at risk.

That is why construction site monitoring is an essential tool to ensure safety. Every construction site has different needs, requiring different types of sensors. The following is an example of a monitoring system for a project that involves the construction of a new building with already existing structures nearby.  

Construction site static monitoring:

The inclination of the structure that is being built needs to be constantly measured in order to avoid damages.
Tiltmeters positioned directly on the shoring piles can measure the angle of inclination (tilt) throughout the project. That helps understand whether there is any land subsidence occurring that puts the stability of the structure at risk. This is part of what we call “static analysis”. All Move Solutions sensors also measure temperature, which is useful to understand how much the structure and material expands or contracts with changes in daily/ seasonal temperature. 

Building dynamic monitoring:

When there are machines in action in the construction site, they can generate great energy and vibrations, posing risks to the integrity of buildings and structures nearby. 

Vibrometers installed on the neighboring buildings allow you to do a dynamic analysis of the structures. They measure the vibrations caused by the construction site, evaluating how the structure reacts to external stress, thanks to frequency and vibration analysis and to Peak Particle velocity (PPV). Move Solutions vibrometers also have a threshold setup option in line with the current legislation of your country (DIN4150, UNI9916, BS7385*, SN 640 312a*, RI8507*), sending real-time alerts in case of anomalies.

See picture below:

construction site monitoring

Construction site monitoring with vibrometers and tiltmeters

Thanks to recent advancements in technology and to the development of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, all Move Solutions sensors are:

  • cost-effective
  • wireless
  • low-power
  • easy to install
  • easy to read thanks to data processing platforms
  • connected to a cloud platform that gives access to your data remotely

We are committed to design technology that can support people and companies around us. Let us help you create a safer and better environment for your construction site!

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