Webinar – Understanding the causes of structural degradation


speaker of the American webinar

North American Sales Director

Free webinar: Understanding the causes of structural degradation

Structures can gradually accumulate damage and deteriorate during their operational lifetime, due to material aging, external agents, seismic events, design errors, unforeseen foundation settlement, etc. 

During this webinar we will go through the main causes of poor performance and faster deterioration of infrastructures, with a special focus on how climate change is affecting the health of railways, roads and bridges.   

Climate change has a great impact on our aging infrastructures to a degree that many of us might not think about. Old structures are, in fact, built using historical climate conditions: when those conditions change, they can present great challenges to our buildings and transportation systems, leading to rails wrapping, buckling and softening, to highways suffering from pavement expansion and softening of old asphalt and to a worsening of bridge joints problems and bridge scour.   

Smart Structural Health Monitoring leverages the newest technologies in order to identify what parts of the structure are deteriorating and to ensure safer infrastructures worldwide.  

During this webinar you will learn how to:

  • the main causes of structural degradation
  • how climate change is affecting different types of infrastructure
  • SHM solutions to monitor bridge scour

Join our webinar!

Amber Brown, North American Sales Director.

Thursday, September 29, 2022 – 10AM (PDT) – 1PM (EDT) – 7PM (CET)

30 minutes


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