top-quality measurement solutions for Canada.

Spatial Technologies for Canada!

Top-quality measurement solutions for Canada

Spatial Technologies for Canada!

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Spatial Technolgies, our newest distributor for Canada!  

Founded in 2002 and staffed by trained and experienced professionals, Spatial Technologies is one of the most trusted and experienced suppliers of top-quality measurement solutions in Canada.

 With aging infrastructure, new development and increased infrastructure spending, geospatial experts are seeking more robust, unique and remote solutions to monitor structures to be able to fully analyze, report and advise on the health and safety of structures.  Move Solutions provides a professional integrated homogenous solution to support geospatial and geotechnical professionals with the hardware and software needed to make critical decisions.  Spatial Technologies professional staff are well positioned to ensure our clients are given the full range of these Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) solutions in addition to all geomatics solutions to support an entire project. 

Richard Andrews, Vice President of Spatial Technologies

“We are very happy about this new collaboration with Spatial Technologies. They are known in the Canadian market for being a leading supplier of top-quality measurement solutions and services and we are proud to consider them not just our supplier, but our partner.  Their vast experience, their passion for innovation and their excellent customer service makes them the perfect company to work with.   We believe this partnership will bring us closer to our clients in Canada, supporting them in seizing the opportunities that Smart Structural Health Monitoring can offer to the world of infrastructures.” 

Ferdinando Frediani, CEO of Move Solutions

The collaboration between Move Solutions and Spatial Technologies is going to provide infrastructure owners in Canada with innovative, cost-effective and remote SHM solutions, together with amazing technical support.  

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