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Webinar – Dynamic monitoring on infrastructures: how to do it and why it is important


ICON Matteo Lencioni

Product Manager

Free webinar: Dynamic monitoring on infrastructures: how to do it and why it is important

Why perform structural dynamic monitoring on infrastructures?  

Continuous dynamic monitoring allows for the identification of structural changes not always detectable with static monitoring. 

Dynamic monitoring allows to:

  • monitor dynamic parameters such as frequencies, modes of vibrations, etc.;
  • record both events that evolve slowly over time and events of more rapid evolution;
  • manage a large amount of data, more difficult to interpret;
  • perform real-time monitoring and peak analysis (the system records 24/7 reporting any exceptional event);
  • perform long-term monitoring and statistical analysis (the system performs long-term statistical analysis, trend study and complete modal based on OMA).

Here are some of the advantages:

  • greater understanding of damage
  • triggering of safety alarms based on the threshold
  • early warning system
  • structural design improvement
  • more effective maintenance strategy

With remote and continuous dynamic monitoring data is collected by wireless sensors installed on the structure and accessed remotely through a Cloud Platform, which processes the data and makes it easily understandable.    

Join our free webinar to learn how to perform dynamic monitoring and why it is important. 

Matteo Lencioni, Product Manager.

Thursday, October 06, 2022 – 10AM (PDT) – 1PM (EDT) – 7PM (CET)

30 minutes


Webinar 06.10

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