Webinar – The all-in-one tool for railway monitoring


ICON Matteo Lencioni

Product Manager

Free webinar: The all-in-one tool for railway monitoring

Railway monitoring is evolving, getting smarter, safer and more efficient! 

During this webinar you will learn about our all-in-one tool for remote and real-time railway monitoring. 

We have developed a system that is revolutionizing the industry, supporting you to identify railway errors today, before anything unpredictable happens. That is done thanks to more intelligent technology that simplifies the task of railway workers, making their job safer and more effective.  

Get cloud-based information of railways and access trend analyses – from anywhere you are. 

Innovative and intelligent sensors 

Our sensors are designed with the latest technology to be non-intrusive, wireless and smart, enabling top performance and minimum maintenance. Their installation is quick and easy, and in very little time you have access to 24/7, remote and real-time monitoring of your railway.   

Our railway monitoring system includes:  

  • Vertical deformation monitoring 
  • Differential shifts / cant monitoring  
  • Track twisting / torsion monitoring  
  • Online configuration of the entire railway monitoring system  
  • Segmentation of different rail sections  
  • sensors synchronisation (1-second accuracy) 
  • Temperature monitoring  

Register for our webinar to discover a whole new way of doing railway monitoring! 

Matteo Lencioni, Product Manager

Thursday, Novembre 03, 2022 – 10AM (PDT) – 1PM (EDT) – 6PM (CET)

30 minutes


Watch the webinar recording!