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Webinar – Insights from the Field: Newcastle Pilgrim’s Quarter Structural Health Monitoring Project


Marc Flo

Sales Manager

Mark Anderson Academy Geomatics Director

Academy Geomatics Ltd. Director

Insights from the Field: Newcastle Pilgrim's Quarter Structural Health Monitoring Project

This webinar will see Mark Anderson as our special guest. As Director at Academy Geomatics, Move Solutions Technical Partner, he will share his experience and insights about a structural health monitoring project from a major urban redevelopment in Newcastle, UK.

The Pilgrim’s Quarter, part of the Pilgrim Street development, is becoming the new home for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the Northeast, with the project being the biggest office development in Newcastle City Centre’s history.

Join us for an in-depth look at the challenges and successes of the Pilgrim’s Quarter monitoring project and discover strategies for effective Structural Health Monitoring in construction.   

Some of the system benefits on this project: 

  • Dynamic system – Live 24/7 system for fast reaction to any detected movement  
  • Remote management platform for easy analysis and reporting  
  • Ability to customise all sensors on the cloud platform  
  • Accurate, low-power and cost-effective devices 
  • Quick installation, setup and configuration of the system 

During this webinar you will learn about innovative strategies for monitoring large-scale construction projects and discover the latest developments in the field of Smart Structural Health Monitoring. 

Marc Flo, Sales Manager

Mark Anderson, Director at Academy Geomatics Ltd.

Thursday, May 04, 2023 – 8AM (PT) – 11AM (ET) – 5PM (CET)

30 minutes


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