Webinar – Smart track and landslip monitoring solutions


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Key Account Manager UK & Nordics

Mark Anderson Academy Geomatics Director


Director at Academy Geomatics

Smart track and landslip monitoring solutions

In this webinar, Francesco Valenti Radici will present Move Solutions innovative monitoring solutions for railway tracks and landslip areas. Our technology leverages wireless sensors and the MyMove IoT platform to provide continuous, real-time data, ensuring proactive maintenance and enhanced safety. 

Mark Anderson from Academy Geomatics, one of Move Solutions UK Technical Partners, will share insights from a recent project on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. This case study showcases the deployment of Move Solutions Tiltmeters, Accelerometers, and Dynamic Displacement Sensors to monitor both static and dynamic movements, ensuring the stability of the railway and adjacent landslip. 

You will: 

  • discover how Move Solutions combines precise wireless sensors with the MyMove IoT platform to offer seamless, real-time monitoring of railways; 
  • understand the critical role of continuous monitoring in managing railway infrastructure risks; 
  • explore the benefits of integrating IoT-based technology for enhanced safety and efficiency of tracks; 
  • gain insights from the North Yorkshire Moors Railway project, highlighting the practical implementation and outcomes of our monitoring solutions. 

The session will conclude with a Q&A segment, allowing attendees to engage directly with our experts and deepen their understanding of our technologies and their applications. 

Francesco Valenti Radici, Key Account Manager UK & Nordics at Move Solutions

Mark Anderson, Director at Academy Geomatics

Thursday, June 27th, 2024 – 2PM (BST) – 3PM (CET) 

30 minutes