Bridge monitoring: how to analyze the health of your structure 24/7

Webinar – Bridge Monitoring: How to analyze the health of your structure 24/7.


Amber Brown - Move Solutions USA sales director

USA Sales Director

Bridge Monitoring: How to analyze the health of your structure 24/7.

Learn about how to Move Solutions Structural Health Monitoring System delivers the condition of your critical structure to you 24/7. Our innovative sensors combined with our advanced algorithms provide you with real-time feedback on the health of your bridges.

In this webinar we will take a deep dive into bridge monitoring and how our wireless sensors will provide you with the necessary data to keep your bridges structurally safe and sound. We will also include how our predictive indicators can help you prioritize your resources and take corrective action before a physical change happens.

Benefits for you and your business:

  • Which sensors to install to understand the structural health of the bridge.
  • How to perform modal analysis with synchronized accelerometers.
  • How to carry out static and dynamic monitoring of your structure.
  • Get an overview of the monitoring solution proposed by Move Solutions.
  • Ask our experts for a consultation to carry out your monitoring.

Amber Brown, USA Sales Director of Move Solutions.

February 17, 2022 – 04:00 PM (GMT+1:00)

1 hour

USA bridge


How you can analyze parameters like oscillations and accelerations caused by earthquakes or other anomaly events.

How you can monitor modal frequencies and natural modes of vibration of the structure.

How you can monitor the static parameters like the inclination and the deformation of the deck, settlements, stress, expansion or contraction of cracks and joint displacements.

How you can view all the trends of the parameters detected by the sensors such as displacement and acceleration.

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