PPV vibrometer for earthquake

Viareggio (IT), 3.8 magnitude earthquake in the night.

earthquake data event

An earthquake of 3.8 magnitudes was detected by our Wireless Vibrometers in Viareggio (IT).

An anomalous event was immediately detected by our vibration sensors in the late night of February 06, 2022. The strong vibrational peaks caused by a 3.8 magnitude earthquake exceeded the alarm threshold of the Vibrometers, immediately warning the managers of the monitoring sites.

The earthquake resulted in a hypocenter near Viareggio and with a depth of 8 km. The event was recorded shortly after 2.30 AM and was announced by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. The event was also distinctly felt by the population.

The new Wireless Vibrometer has detected in real-time the exceeding of the standard threshold, clearly reporting the data within the Move Cloud Platform.
It is possible to view the PPV – Peak Particle Velocity graph and the graph of the speed trend on the three axes of the anomalous event.

Click here to read the DATASHEET of the new PPV Vibrometer: