Move Solutions and our partnership with Global Geosystem

Move Solutions partners with Global Geosystems

Partnering with Global Geosystems for Spain and Portugal!

Good news is coming for our Spanish and Portuguese clients. We have recently closed a beautiful partnership with a leading supplier in the Iberian peninsula: Global Geosystem!

Global Geosystems is an official Leica Geosystems distributor with more than a decade of experience in the sale, rental and repair of surveying equipment in Spain and Portugal. Their website,, is one of the top ones in the market and this collaboration will help us create a deeper connection with our Spanish and Portuguese clients.

We would like to thank Move Solutions for their commitment to Global Geosystems. It is my pleasure to announce that their innovative devices will now be available on our website. They have a range of very interesting products that have not been directly marketed in Spain and Portugal so far: we expect great things on the way.

Carlos Mosquera, CEO of Global Geosystems. 

“We are thrilled to announce this new partnership with Global Geosystems. They are known for their strength in the distribution of innovative surveying and monitoring equipment in the Iberian peninsula, and we believe this partnership will offer strong support for our business by bringing us closer to our Spanish and Portuguese clients.”

Ferdinando Frediani, CEO of Move Solutions.

The collaboration between Move Solutions and Global Geosystems is going to provide companies in Spain and Portugal with innovative and unique-on-the-market wireless monitoring sensors for cost-efficient, easy and smart remote Structural Health Monitoring. 

For more information visit the Global Geosystem store: