new parnership with encardio-rite

Move Solutions and our partnership with Encardio-rite

new partnership with encardio-rite

We are excited to announce our partnership with Encardio, our newest distributor!

Encardio-rite Group is a global leader in monitoring solutions for construction projects and existing infrastructure. Over the last 55 years, Encardio-rite Group has acquired varied and extensive expertise in the field. They have worked with some of the best consultants and construction companies, and their excellence is reflected in hundreds of successfully performing projects worldwide. Their perseverance to innovate, their vast expertise, their advanced technology and their forward thinking have enabled them to provide customized solutions for countless projects. 

We love working with companies that share our same passion for driving innovation for a better world.  With Encardio-rite, we can exchange knowledge and collaborate to create world-changing solutions together. 

Structural Health Monitoring is transforming, and we are proud to say that thanks to our hard work and to partnerships like this one, we are driving that change!

If you are looking into monitoring systems and you do not know where to start or what to choose, do not look any further: our innovative and cost-effective sensors, together with Encardio-rite well-trained professionals are the solution for you! We will advise you according to your requirements, and we will support you throughout your project.

Structural Health Monitoring can be easy!

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