Webinar: Preventing bridge failure remote monitoring

Webinar – Preventing bridge failure with remote monitoring


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North American Sales Director

Free webinar: Preventing bridge failure with remote monitoring

Deterioration of bridges and overpasses can proceed very rapidly: postponing maintenance works will only create the need for major repairs later in time, which are generally less safe and also less preferable both from an economical and an environmental point of view.  

That is why regular monitoring is important: it helps identify what parts of the structure are deteriorating and what maintenance strategy is the most appropriate. Since traditional onsite evaluation can do little when issues become critical or start between two inspections, there is increasing interest in wireless and remote structural health monitoring. 

During this webinar you will learn about this innovative way of doing SHM that involves:

  • easy and cost-effective installations
  • wireless sensors 
  • cloud platform that turn your data into easy-to-understand graphs
  • remote monitoring from anywhere you are
  • continuous monitoring with data sent to your computer 24/7
  • real-time monitoring with instant alerts in case of problems

We will guide you through all these features and show you how to use them in order to identify, locate, and quantify damages as they happen. You will also understand the differences between dynamic and static monitoring and the kind of systems needed for different types of bridges and overpasses. 

By detecting damages at the earliest possible stage, Smart Structural Health Monitoring facilitates maintenance and rehabilitation processes and better ensures the safety of the whole structure. 

Discover the great potential of smart structural health monitoring for bridges and overpasses. 

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Amber Brown, North American Sales Director.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 – 10AM (PDT) – 1PM (EDT) – 7PM (CET)

30 minutes